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The Business of Happiness

Penina Shepherd presenting ‘The Business of Happiness’ at the Acumen Business Convention 2017 with over 300 decision making delegates.

Penina’s Perspective on: Do Your Employees Care If The Office Light Was Left On?

Every business wants to have employees who genuinely care!

This can be achieved culturally by giving people true freedom, financially by providing a good pay package, but also by using clever legal tools to create a true sense of ownership in the business.

Watch this 3.30 minute video to see how.

Penina’s Perspective on: Non for Profit & Charitable Organisations

If you are running or about to set up a charity or non for profit organisation, then watch this 4.30 minute video!

CIOs, CICs and Companies Limited by Guarantee- important legal aspects you need to know.

Penina’s Perspective on: Trademarks

You spend so much time, effort and money on promoting your brand. Your brand is a key business asset and your trademark is property.

But do you actually own it?

Watch this 3 minute video on Trademarks to ensure you legally own your brand.

Penina’s Perspective on: Top Five Legal Tips to Protect your Business

What does your business pre-nup with your business partners say? Have you ever paid a freelancer to make a design for you, code a programme or write copy? Who do you think owns the IP?

Is your freelancer an employee in disguise? Do you want to get paid for your services? What do your terms say about that?

Watch this 5 minute video on the top five legal tips to protect your business.

Penina’s Perspective on: Employee Incentive Scheme

Your share of the business can be worth a lot more if you allocate some of the equity to the right employees.

Watch this 5 minute video to learn how Employee Incentive Scheme can work for your business.

Penina’s Perspective on: Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is your business pre-nup! It can make all the difference to a successful running of a business and its ability to cope in case of a shareholder’s departure.

Watch this 3 minute video to see how this agreement can protect you and your business.

Penina’s Perspective on: How to minimise bad debt

Write offs should be extremely rare! Your hard earned cash which is undisputed, should not be written off!

Watch this 3 minute video to see what you can do to bring bad debt down to a minimum.

Penina’s Perspective on: Legal vehicles to collaborate with strategic partners

Teaming up with strategic partners is a fantastic way to grow your business. But which of the many legal vehicles is the best to use for your collaboration?

Watch this 4 minute video to find out and start your journey on the road to success!

Penina’s Perspective on: Freelancers Vs Employees

How would you feel if your freelancers were entitled to paid holidays, sick pay, minimum wage and such other employment law rights?

In some cases, freelancers could be legally held to be your employees!

Watch this 3 minute video to find out how your business can avoid such a predicament.