How can this book change your life?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could follow your dreams in your business or career. Now imagine doing just that and enjoying extraordinary financial success as a result.

This is what the freedom revolution is all about and it is taking the business world by storm!

The Freedom Revolution is a visionary book written in a quirky, intimate and, engaging manner. It will inspire you to:

• Escape the never-ending rat race
• Overcome the fears that paralyse you from ‘giving it a go’
• Be remarkable and stand out in a sea of mediocrity
• Negate the odds and make them work in your favour
• Thrive on your passion and love what you do
• Enjoy financial success, and…
• Be free!

When your business life is aligned with your core values, purpose and passion, that’s when you know that freedom has trumped fear. You feel enlightened, present and full of consciousness.

You feel alive like you have never felt before.

Now, more than ever, it is the time to set yourself free and join the revolution!

Amazon Reviews


I knew from the front cover that this was not going to be your usual ‘business book’ in ‘lecture’ format! Whilst it was written with complete honesty and first hand experience, detailing the absolutes and ‘must haves’ and ‘must do’s’, it still managed to be a free-flowing, fantastic, easy read! The publication itself was pleasing, nice clean simple font on crisp white pages – all in-keeping with Penina’s attitude to her business. However, the content was the real thing – I would recommend every new business owner to read it from the outset, keep it as your bible and refer back to it often to ensure you’re staying on track. I’m a bit disappointed I’ve finished reading it as it really was entertaining too – a brilliantly written, inspirational tool of the trade! (I’m going back now to read again with a high-lighter pen, there’s a few things I haven’t got quite right – I’m only a Strawberry Blonde it seems – but I’ll soon be a fully-fledged GINGER!)

Take action!

This book is all about taking action and starting your new business. In the beginning, the author uses shock tactics to break down the barriers (imagined and real) and conquer the fears that stop most people trying in the first place. Once you’ve gained the courage to get underway, the book turns to actions that can help your business thrive. Penina shares her blueprint of how her own law firm approaches things and how it does business in a very different way to the law firm model. She explains what works and what doesn’t. It’s full of practical and effective tips to get you started. The message is not overthinking things and definitely not delaying action. Penina’s personal story about why she took the entrepreneurial route, in place of an established law firm partner, will inspire anyone who is wondering if it’s the right time.

The book was written in just a few months and to a deadline. Its tone is urgent and it’s about action and putting your business purpose first. “What’s the worst that can happen?”; “Make time for what’s important”; and “Enjoy the journey, not the destination” is good advice. I look forward to Penina’s next book.

This book has it all!!!!

This book has it all. It’s clever, funny, inspirational and motivational all in one hit. It is an absolute must read for anyone in the business world. It takes a refreshingly new and exciting approach to business and offers realistic and practical advice on how to achieve your business dreams. I have come away from this book feeling invigorated, excited and motivated about what the future holds for me!!

A superb piece of writing that is a MUST for any one caught in the rat race and about to 'jump' (or teetering on the edge)

A superb piece of writing that is a MUST for any one caught in the rat race and about to ‘jump’ (or teetering on the edge) into their next career step, change or revolution! Sensible, clear anecdotes and salient advice throughout. If you are even thinking about your next move, have just made it and now thinking ‘what have I done?’ then read this book….just this one. Then all will demystify….SUPERB!

This gave me the boost I needed.

Thank you Penina for writing this.
I found myself nodding in agreement with every chapter, you have provided me with so much reassurance that I need to keep going. I know not everyone will relate to this ‘entrepreneurial’ way of thinking but I loved this book as I dived into it each lunchtime to give me plenty of energy and motivation to complete my day, to achieve and feel pride.