In this visionary presentation, based on her book The Freedom Revolution, Penina tells about the revolution that has taken the business world by storm whereby business people are driven by their passion and purpose but still, and precisely because of this, enjoy extraordinary financial success.

In her talk, Penina shares her personal journey of setting up ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW from a complete standstill, at the start of the worst economic climate, on a shoestring budget, with a newborn third child and a life threatening illness.

What she did have, however, was an abundance of passion for making a difference in the legal industry. Her revolutionary vision, innovation and business model have been remarkably successful. The firm, was voted a ‘Top 50 Innovative Law Firms in the UK and Europe (Financial Times), now boasts a great team of commercial lawyers, offices in Brighton & Gatwick and an impressive long line of business clients.

In her talk, Penina shares her compelling story and highlights the characteristics of a successful business. The talk includes practical tips and is aimed at established business as well as start-ups!

“Put energy, passion, determination and vision, add a pinch of fizz and put in a little bottle. Shake well and you would have a perfect recipe for Penina Shepherd”

Christina Ewbank, President, Chamber of Commerce, Eastbourne

Penina does public talks quite often on two different topics: inspiring business talks or talks covering legal topics

Talks about Business Law

Penina has been working in the legal profession since 1996, both as Partner & Head of Department in top 100 Law Firms in the country, and regularly gives talks on Company, Commercial, Intellectual Property and other Business Law matters. She is also an expert on Employee Incentive Schemes advising regularly has public speaking engagements on this topic.

5 Most Important Legal Tips to Protect Every Business

This is an engaging session that provides the audience with a ‘dashboard’ view of the five most important legal points that every business person must know to protect their business.

These five points are relevant to all businesses, whether you are an SME, a large corporate or self employed.

As a delegate you will walk away with a good understanding of your business legal position and legal tips that will stay with you throughout your business life, providing you with a solid platform to success.


GDPR - don't believe the hype

While you’ll struggle to find a company which won’t be affected by the GDPR, many of the provisions have been in place for many years as part of the existing Data Protection Regulations. If you have been compliant, there may only be a few changes or adjustments that you will need to make.

There is no need to worry – all that you need is to know what the changes are and how they legally affect your business, if at all. Specifically what must be in place, what your requirements and needs are and how to go about it.

This talk will set out the most important principles in an easy practical manner for you to take and implement in your business.



Intellectual property is often overlooked as a key asset in a business purely due to lack of awareness! Many businesses are not aware of ways in which it can maximise its potential and exploit its value. On the other hand, those who are aware, enjoy fantastic income from these assets. This talk about the Law of Copyright, TM & Intellectual Property Rights and how to protect it.

social media and the law - think before you tweet

Social media is an important tool in promoting your business, but it can also be a minefield when it concerns defamatory posts, breach of intellectual property and employees posting on behalf of your business!
This talk will set out the basic rules to bear in mind with practical tips on how to make sure your social media activity is working for you and not against you!

do your employees care if the office light was left on?

From Employee Share Schemes to ‘pat on the back’: this session will explore the avenues open to employers to make sure their employees genuinely care, discussing ways to incentivise, increase loyalty and commitment among their employees.

get up and get your foot in that door!

To get ‘a foot in the door’ we need to truly believe there is a door, we need to really want to get through the door and, most importantly, we need to shift our back side and get to that door! In this no nonsense talk Penina will share her passion about ‘doing’ and ‘getting on with it’. She will relate to a fascinating story which should be told more often and will reflect on her own experience too.