Spreading the Joy of Freedom

Talk of The Freedom Revolution has spread from Gatwick to Portsmouth this month starting with a joint networking event at Basepoint Crawley, home of Acumen’s Gatwick office.


This event saw ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW team up with Basepoint Business Centres for a joint Networking Hub session featuring Penina Shepherd and her Amazon bestseller The Freedom Revolution. This event attracts networkers from the Gatwick Diamond region and it was an honour being part of it.

Over in the next county Network Pompey Business Club’s Christmas networking lunch at Fratton Park where Penina was the Guest Speaker. She gave the guests lots of food for thought, with some exclusive tips on how to be innovative and stand out from the crowd, or as Penina says “how to be ginger in a world of black and white”! Inspired by examples of breaking free from the business shackles, putting passion and purpose over profit the guests had plenty to talk bout over their festive lunch. Some even got their own signed copy of The Freedom Revolution book to guide them on their journey to business happiness.