The Google definition of an ‘entrepreneur’ is:
“A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

Indeed it used to be that careers and businesses were primarily about making more money. Making money was regarded as being ‘entrepreneurial’. The sole hope for us in business as entrepreneurs, according to this definition, is profit. In my book The Freedom Revolution, I argue that the above definition isn’t that of an entrepreneur, but rather of an entreprewhore.

I define an entreprewhore as:
“A person in business who has given up on their freedom to follow their dream and is selling themselves short by being in constant pursuit of more profit and nothing more.”

This isn’t saying that entrepreneurs and changemakers in the revolution shouldn’t or don’t make money, quite the opposite! Business people in the revolution era care about making money, they want to make money and are making money. They are doing extremely well financially. However there is one main difference.

Making money in the revolution is not the aim, the goal or the drive. Making money is a desirable outcome. An important outcome, but no longer the aspiration of business people in the revolution.

Because you see, if making money is your only ‘hope’, to mention the term used in the Google definition of an entrepreneur, then you will never be truly free. Whether you are climbing an invisible corporate ladder or setting up in business, you are not free, you are trapped.

Entreprewhores hope to make more profit overlooking their purpose, their calling if you wish. The Entreprewhore is missing such an enormous opportunity to change her own life and that of others. There she is stuck in the never ending rat race constantly hoping for and chasing after more profit, but with that nasty empty feeling inside of ‘what’s the point?’

There is a point. It was there, but it was missed. As entreprewhores we were simply bound by the many preconceptions as to what it meant to be a person in business. We were trapped and freedom was no more. I therefore believe that the true definition of an ‘Entrepreneur’, or as I call them, ‘FREE Entrepreneur’ is:

“A creator and a changemaker in business who takes on reputational, emotional and financial risks to be free to pursue their passion and apply profit to make a positive impact on their life and other people’s lives as a result.”

As a FREE Entrepreneur, there will be downs as well as ups, but you will be free. Free to put your purpose over profit, to make your life and other people’s lives better and make money along the way to ensure you can do it again and again.

Penina Shepherd